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Girls go to college to get more knowledge...

What? I got into my first choice college? That's fantastic!

That's right folks (folk?), I am set for the next for years. Now I just need to see how I'm gonna pay for it (feel free to offer money, I will take it). My mom picked me up early from school (because I kinda didn't have any more classes) and she brought a letter with her from Pace. "It's not it!" I exclaimed but she said it was. It said "You are accepted" right on the envelope! That means my mailman knows I got into college, cool. I haven't heard about the honors college or any scholarships yet but I am still super excited and can't wait for the fall.

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Six Months Since Last Entry

It's been quite a long time since my last entry. Annnd...nobody reads this anyway. It's mostly for me to remember all the supa-fly stuff I do (i.e. seeing Naked Boys Singing!).

The cast list just went up for How to Succeed and I'm dance captain which makes me really happy. I of course didn't get a lead but that is a) because there are more talented people than me at school and b) because I'M GOING TO ISRAEL IN FEBRUARY! I'm excited. I'm also excited for this show. There has already been some drama surrounding the casting of the show but I'm happy for everyone and I'm happy about my part so I don't really want to get involved with it. Except I kind of am because I'm in the cast and friends with these people. Wah-wah.

Since my last entry [title of show] opened! and closed =( on Broadway. Rachel and I went to see it three times (the last being on closing night which Carrie attended as well). Closing night for [tos] was and amazing experience. They called it a pep rally and it certainly was. Everyone was screaming and cheering (us included) and crying. I hope it goes Off-Broadway (at New World Stages) and will run for a verrry long time there. And if it doesn't I'll sill read the [blog] obsessively and go to every event they are at.

I have applied to college and should hear from my top choice in about 2 1/2 weeks. I hope I get in! Once I do...I'll just stop going to school. Oh wait! I already have. I was sick the past two weeks and didn't really go that much. Oy. But only one more week to make it through and then VACATION! FOR TWO WEEKS! WAHOO!

I planning on majoring in Women's and Gender Studies. What do you do with a degree in WGS? Well...I don't know. But I hope to become a civil rights activist (for LGBTQ and women's reproductive rights). Do we still need activists for women's reproductive rights you ask? Yes, yes we do. Take a gander at this. Are you surprised? I'm not.
I Talk to Myself

Bare: A Pop Opera

Why didn't anybody tell me Bare was so amazing? I didn't get to see it when it was playing here. I just watched the whole thing on-line and you should too!

I Talk to Myself


YPT Parade opened last night. It's actually good which is frankly surprising to me because a few days it sucked. Not individually, everyone is actually very talented. It just wasn't coming together. But it is now. Yay.

I am Mrs. Phagan Saturday at 4 and Sunday at 12. Cultural Arts Playhouse. 714 Old Bethpage Rd. The last YPT show in the building. How sad. The new building is a whole 5 minutes closer to me however, WHOA!

I went to school one day this week. Oh well. Lotsa work to make up next week. At least I won't be getting home at midnight everyday again. My mommy bought me a Webkinz. Cute. It's a polar bear. I'm so hip and cool.

Kiss Today Goodbye

-I have been back to school for three days and I am already exhausted.

-Rocky is coming along...We have a lot of work to do and we haven't blocked everything yet but I like everybody and um it's Rocky. It's never been this amazing, perfect, flawless performance.

-I start dance class on Tuesday. I'm excited. I haven't taken class in like two years. Wow. I'm going to audition for the dance dept. at Boces. I essentially told my parents I was going to do this, I didn't ask. Why? Because they said I couldn't go. But when you say you're going to drop out of school...they tend to try and keep you in school. I know it would make me so much happier and frankly, I'm not going to lose anything from not being at school the whole day.

-I have a ton of homework

-Today in math we went over triangles. Sine, Cosine and Tangent. I learned this in eighth grade. Sweet.

-I have a rehearsal from 10pm to 12am tonight.

-My school is way overcrowded. We're not even that big. We just don't have enough space for everybody. The hallways are a nightmare to walk through.

-Teaching Hebrew to third graders is going to be an adventure.

Aw. It's cute. I have a cold :-(


What year were you born?

What Spice Girl were you when you were young?
Ginger, loved the hair

Backstreet Boys or N SYNC?
Backstreet Boys 4 evahhh

Did you watch S Club 7?
OMG yes! I loved it. Essssssss cluuub (there ain't no party like an s club party!)

Which was your favorite, The Sandlot or Little Rascals?
Little Rascals (what is up with The Sandlot 2?)

Did you ever have light-up sneakers?
hellz yea

What was your favorite thing about recess?
the swings

Cinderella or Snow White?

Did you wake up really early to watch cartoons on Saturday morning?

What was your favorite holiday?
Passover. Loved the matzah. Hate it now. Uchh

Did you ever try to stay up on Christmas just so you could see Santa?

Did you leave milk and cookies or milk and carrots?

What grade did you like the best?
4th and 5th grade.

Ninja Turtle or Power Rangers --
power rangers

What Power Ranger were you?
i always had a crush on blue

Did you ever own a chinese jump rope?
haha yes

What was your favorite thing to eat?
grilled cheese

What was your favorite color?

Barney or Sesame Street?
barney until everyone started making fun of me for watching barney

Do you ever miss being a little kid?

Did you wish you were older?
i wish i was 18

What was your first pet's name?
i don't even remember. it was a gerbil i think

Who was your best friend in Kindergarten?
Alyssa K

Are you still friends with the person you were best friends with in the 3rd grade?
hmmm...sort of. We're on speaking terms, but we don't hang out or anything.

Where did you live when you were 9?

How many times have you switched schools including preschool?

Which did you like better - "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" or "AHH! Real Monsters"?
Are You Afraid of the Dark

Did you watch Rockos Modern Life?.

Did you ever want to be a part of Slime Time Live? on nick ?

Have you ever wondered what the "slime" was actually made of?

Who was your favorite Rugrat?
Chuckie!!!!! But I thought Tommy was a hottie and I basically wanted to m


-I leave for Rochester early Thursday morning
-Alexa's party is Friday!
-Fun time in the city on Friday. I bought a pretty ring and penis gummies. Which are delicious.
-I leave for Kutz in 17 days!
-I really need to pack for Rochester
-I want to see my Eisner peoples really badly *road trip*
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Grr @ my school

So because of ASL I'm not in AP English. I will not accept this. It's not fair. French also conflicts with it. If they don't make another AP class I am raising hell.

I also don't have O'Hagen for health :-\. Yea, my schedule isn't really so great.

0/1 AP Physics (hopefully changed to AP Bio)
2    ASL 4H
3    Math BX2
4    Gym 135/Free 246
5    Concert Choir
6    English 11H
7    AP US Hist.
8    1st Semester Health/2nd Semester free

So the first day of school = no free periods *uch*

Tomorrow (or Wed) I'm auditioning for Music Man at the Suffolk Y. I'm hoping for Zaneeta.

NYC Gay Pride March on Sunday? Comment if you wanna come/are going.

Bitten, SJP's line at Steve and Barry's is AMAZING! I just dropped a ton of money there. The prices are great and everything is fantastic. I also got a bunch of books @ B&N. Today was just a nice shopping day. I also got an interview for Sex, etc. It's a magazine and a website that has teen writers. I had to fill out this application and Sunday I have to go in for an interview! I am SOOO excited. It's a paying gig peeps. WOOHOO! Life is beautiful.
I got a 91 on my Global regents. Not bad for not studying at all lol. Hopefully I got a 3 on the AP test considering I studied my ass off for it. Never taking another AP class again. Crap, I'm taking 3 AP's next year. Love the summer hw for it.
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